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An Index of Events:

Major Stops Here you will find an index of the locations where we stayed at least a night. You can click the link in each item in the list to reach to a more detailed index. The boxes will be filled as we create more and more blog posts Enjoy 😀

An Index of Events:

click here to go back to the index of Major Stops. Tokyo (10 July – 13 July) Fresh off the plane, we are eager to embark upon our journey of a lifetime. click here to go back to the index of Major Stops.

Goshuin and Stamps: A Great way to bring Japan back home with you

Once you are in Japan, the first thing that hits you is that it is different from home in every aspect, especially if you don’t already live in East Asia and it’s not just the alphabet. First, it’s really colorful, not only in the night with the neon lights like in Shinjuku or so, but…

Who we are

Hi Everyone, We are Mine and Erhan, a couple who spent 2 months in Japan from July to September 2018. We wished to tell our story sooner but life happened and we had to postpone it. Still, today we are writing this blog  since late is better than never, and there are still good memories…