Street photographer from Istanbul who has been documenting streets and daily life in different places around the world. I have worked in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Cape Town, Nepal, but most importantly in Japan, and many more places around Turkey and İstanbul.


Hi, my name is Mine (pronounced as Me-Neh)

I am a street photographer from Istanbul and travel as much as possible.  Although I have a Master of Science in Chemistry and I worked as a patent attorney for 11 years, I quit my daily job in May 2018 to pursue my passion in photography. It was my biggest hobby and dream along with traveling, and now it became something more.

As a street photographer, I prefer to hunt the moments of the daily life. I tend to picture these sequences as cinematic scenes in my mind. Since we do not live in a black and white world, I prefer shooting with colors as I see it. 

I am a Fujifilm user since 2013 and since 2018 I have been using Fuji-XH1.

I have participated in many exhibitions so far and now my aim is to open my first solo exhibition and even publish a photography book to share the beauty I see within people and their daily lives with the world.

My specialities are

Product photography in streets

Nature Photography

Street Portrait

Street photography


2021 March- Fujilove Magazine Issue 60- A whole page about a photograph of mine  

2020 Decemberthe book called Devletin Haysiyeti“, the Turkish translation of the Japanese book Kokka no Hinkaku by Fujiwara Masahiko – 5 Photos 

2020 February – Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine Issue 44- An article that I wrote about Fuji-XH1 and street photography

2019 January – Turkish Journal Hurriyet – An interview with me about my travels and my passion of photography https://www.hurriyet.com.tr/seyahat/galeri-yeni-ulkeler-degil-yeni-yuzler-kesfediyor-41072532


2022 December– “Behind the Veil” collection exhibited in Monolith Gallery- Robles Hall

2020 June- Barcelona, SPAIN – “Storytelling” Exhibition at Valid World Hall Gallery – Printed

2020 June – Barcelona, SPAIN – “Street Photography” Exhibition at Valid World Hall Gallery – Digital

2020 February- Lisbon, PORTUGAL – “Photographer of the year 2019” Exhibition at Espaço Espelho D’agua – Digital

2019 November – Barcelona, SPAIN – “People in the city” Exhibition at Valid World Hall Gallery – Digital

2019 September – Ljubljana, SLOVENIA “Solo” Exhibition at Ravnikar Gallery -Digital

2019 February – The Hage, NETHERLANDS “My Favorite Shots” Exhibition at  Xpozer’s New Gallery – Digital

2018 June – Istanbul, TURKEY – Exhibition in line with Geleceğe Gülümse Social Responsibility Project at Ziraat Bankası Sanat Galerisi Project- Printed

2017 October – Essen, GERMANY “Telling a story” Exhibition- at C.A.R Innovative Art Fair- Digital

2017 June Berlin, GERMANY – “Emotional Photography” Exhibition at Blue Art Gallery supporting “Pass the crayon” project for supporting refugee children – Digital

2017 January – Berlin, GERMANY – “People in the
city” Exhibition at Blue Art Gallery- Digital

2016 April – Sant Just Desvern, SPAIN Finalist at the Open Color category in the IX International Photography Contest

2016 April – Istanbul, TURKEY – “Galata Tower” Exhibition at CKM Sergi Salonu- Printed

2016 March – Thessaloniki, GREECE – “Made by Artist” Exhibition at Thessaloniki Yeni Mosque Museum- Printed

2015 February – Thessaloniki, GREECE – “Beauties of Aegea” Exhibition at Thessaloniki – Printed

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